Friday, July 31, 2009

Note to my loyal follower

Dear Loyal Follower (Hi Tom),

Well, well, well. By virtue and luck of calling me today just moments after I picked a blog name,  you get the distinct honor of being known as "I was over here", follower #1, leader of all future followers. Follower zero.  I'll alert the media as this is, as you can well imagine, a pretty momentous occasion.
Peaceout, Wh


  1. Dear Blog Master... Blog Mistress? ...

    Dear Lady Blog Master,

    I'd like to thank you for this distinction as it is totally deserved. If I am anything, it is a follower. And proclaim it proudly. I always hear people talking about fostering leadership skills. What about fostering followship skills?!?! People need to learn how to follow stuff that is: 1) unsucky, 2) non-offensatory in nature, 3) not harmful to others, 4) not stupid, and 5) good.

    I can't wait for the day when more followers adhere to my simple 5-Criteria Plan. That is the followship of tomorrow. Or, they can follow my Followship Plan Lite (tm) in which they just follow stuff that meets criterion #5. That is ok, too.


  2. Wow, seriously good comment #1. With comments like that, who needs to blog?!

  3. NoHo1960!!!!! You get the extra love! How could I love you more than I already doooooo?
    Is that you in the picture, with the bleeding head?